Dancing with TriCities Stars

2018 OBDF

2018 Midwest Dance Festival

2018 Texas Classic

2018 OKC Dance Rush

Chicagoland 2015

2018 SDDF

2018 Peach State

2018 Tulip Challenge

2018 ETDS

2018 Alamo Star Ball

2017 Dallas Dance Festival

2017 Southern Nationals

2017 Nashville Dance Classic

2017 Chicagoland

2017 Dance Mardi Gras

2017 Big Apple Dance

2017 Atlantic Ballroom Showcase

2017 Orange BDF

2017 OKC Dance Rush

2017 San Diego Dance Festival

2017 Peach State

2017 Tulip Challenge

CID Ballroom Challenge

UCWDC Christmas in Dixie

Atlanta Dance Showcase 2016

Stars Over Texas Ballroom 2016

2016 Dallas Dance Festival

2016 Nashville Dance Classic

2016 Chicagoland Dance Festival

2016 Dance Mardi Gras

Big Apple Dance 2016

2016 Go Dance Summer Showcase

River City Dance Challenge 2016

Starry Night Gala

Atlanta Ballroom Challenge 2015

2016 Orange Blossom DF

2016 Rocky Top DS Invitational

2016 Dancing with the King

2016 City of Angels

2016 SD Dance Festival

2016 Peach State

2016 Dixieland Invitational

2016 Derby City Swing

Silver Screen Showcase Dance Tonight

Go Dance Winter Showcase 2015

2015 Christmas in Dixie Country & Ballroom

website photos

website photos

DWTS TriCities 2014

USA Dance August 2014

Southern Nationals

Dance Tonight Atlanta

Dance Tonight Showcase 2014

Christmas in Dixie

DTA New Years Party

Worlds 2015


Derby City 2015

Dance AV 2015

Dixiland Invetational 2015

Peach State 2015

Roaring 20's Party

Ana's Beach Photos

Dancing with the King

Premier Ballroom Showcase 2015

DTA Party 80's Prom

Dance Tonight Chattanooga Showcase 2015

Allie Edgington Spinder

Allie Edgington Spinder

Texas Classic 2015

Catherine Pisano

Catherine Pisano



2015 Orange Blossom

2015 River City Challenge



2015 Dance Mardi Gras

Desert City Swing 2015

2015 Southern Nationals

2015 Paradise Dance Festival

Dance Tonight 2015 CID

Pro/Am Routines

Friday Strictly Finals

Saturday Show and Division I

Worlds 2017



Deb Rugis

Deb Rugis

Mike Chase

Mike Chase

2017 Atlanta Dance Showcase



Private Gallery

2017 Atlanta Dance Showcase

2017 Christmas in Dixie

2017 Atlantic Ballroom Winter Showcase



Sunday Couples

Sunday Couples